I am an image designer for fictional and non-fictional projects.

Creating an image, whether planned or coincidental, is a beautiful process that

I like to accompany from the first thoughts through to post-production.

The design of light, shadow and the in-between is what defines my work.
I see this as a craft to tell stories and convey emotions with moving images.

DoP Showreel


Traveling worldwide, I have had the opportunity to gather various human and technical experiences on a wide range of projects.

Different projects - Various approaches - Creating films together with joy.

I always look forward to conversations and people

who want to create something great or crazy.


I studied in Potsdam-Babelsberg and completed my master's degree in 2011 under the guidance of Michael Hammon, with the debut film 'Sommer auf dem Lande.' In addition to theoretical training, practical experience in filmmaking proved to be the best school for my career, which started with training as a media designer.