German Vita
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Born and raised in Berlin, my engagement with photography began when I was a teenager. I started early to work with reversal and black and white film and soon worked in my own improvised darkroom. I always liked the idea to bring home and share what I have seen. The world became my playground, photography my communicator. After high school and the civil service, I felt the desire to turn photography into my profession. Learning form different perspectives was one of my main goal, leading me to start an apprenticeship as a media designer. Once completed, I worked as a camera assistant and lighting technician and came across many student films in contact with the Academy of Film and Television in Potsdam-Babelsberg, where I finally studied. For me, as a practitioner, it was great to get my hands on film stock and to visualize a variety of ideas and capture to the material. At the same time, the theory was an important addition to understand camerawork. By shooting very diverse projects – including documentary, fictional or experimental styles --  I was able to acquire hands-on expertise in different fields. During my studies I continued to work as a professional camera assistant and completed my first jobs as cameraman outside of the Academy. I am still partner with the directors and producers of these days. After graduating I became a master student of Michael Hammon and shot my feature film debut “Father, Son and Holy Cow” (Sommer auf dem Lande), a German-Polish co-production comedy, screening in German cinemas in 2012. Since graduating from college, I have shot diverse projects. My track-record proves my experience. Yet, I consider myself a constant learner, eager to break new ground and push the boundaries of film-making in every single project I engage in. Within the time and the budget.


(c) Till Vielrose